ANNOUNCING 2024 walk dates: Feb 19 – May 28, 2024

Awaken to what’s possible.

We walked as a global community and circumnavigated the world!

In our first year, we walked a collective 22,000kms and in our second year we more than doubled that, completed 44,058 kms—circumnavigating the GLOBE!

We hope you can join us next year as we plan to achieve yet another milestone, and while the walk has ended for this year, our services continue

You are welcome to participate in our Virtual Group Conversations with other people changing their relationship with alcohol. As always, She Walks Canada is with you one brave step at a time.

Sign up for our 2024 walk will open February 1, 2024.

Our 40,070 KM goal was more than a number; it was about walking together and logging our kilometres to celebrate the freedom of living without alcohol. Together, we’re rising up and taking sober-living head-on with a movement that supports women in dealing with the shame, guilt, judgement, and isolation that comes with using alcohol in an unhealthy way.

Tune into Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Global KM Tracker:


of 40,070 KMs to circumnavigate


Interactive Map of Participants

As more participants come on board, the map below will come alive with markers showing the champions and warriors that are walking and logging kilometres as individuals and teams. We hope you’ll join us.


Virtual Conversations

Already signed Up? Here are a few more ways to get involved...


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Check out our Resources page for support on sober and sober-curious living, including podcasts, articles, books, videos, and more!

You’re a warrior!

Thank you for logging your progress, we look forward to seeing you again soon.