Alexandra Talbot

Alex offre ses séances en anglais et en français également. Alex—a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, competitive body builder, head coach and Founder of Sober Active Canada, and an addict and alcoholic, with the power to choose recovery—made sobriety her highest priority over these last 6 years. One day, one rep, one meal at a […]

Lindsay Sutherland Boal

Lindsay Sutherland Boal—founder of She Walks Canada—is a certified Empowerment and Clarity Life Coach specializing in aligning who we are with what we want-guilt free, and advocating for women’s mental and physical health. This journey began when Lindsay made the powerful and purposeful decision to end her toxic relationship with alcohol. In addition to her […]

Julie Kirschke

Julie is Certified Professional Recovery Coach whose passion for coaching mirrors her passion for her own personal recovery. Finding sobriety in early 2020, she embraced the power of connection to help other women in recovery find the authentic self they lost during addiction, trauma, co-dependency and perfectionism. Her focus on protecting sobriety as a sacred […]

Jillian Laudano

Jillian Laudano is a globally certified Life and Success Coach specializing in Personal Transformation. She is a Master Level Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner, as well as a Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) Coach. Jillian’s work as a coach focuses on creating a nurturing, holistic, safe space that fosters the ability to grow and […]